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cryogenic media-blasting deflashing machine

Small-sized cryogenic machine for the deburring of elastomers, plastomers, duromers, zinc die-casts and other thermally embrittling substances with article dimensions 3 mm to 150 mm (0,12″ to 5,90″).

This computer-controlled machine offers high-efficient deflashing of elastomers, thermpolastics, duroplastics and zinc die-cast as well as other thermic embrittling materials.
With its small footprint, the E30 deflashing machine can be integrated into the production line easily. This saves temporary storage or extra transports and finally corresponding time loss and costs.

The E30 is, like any of our machines, designed for high performance at low consumption of nitrogen, blasting media and electric energy. The comfortable operator features on newest level leave no wish unfulfilled: touchscreen operation, USB/SSD hard disk, network connection (support via internet), recipes memory, user management, logging/documentation/traceability and optional barcode scanner.

On customers request, the machine is alternatively available with quick-exchange basket system. This basket is compatible with our high-pressure washing machine W30 and furthermore optimally suited for a linear in-line-processing →production →deflashing →washing →postcure tempering, as these loading baskets may be used compatible with each respective machine in the whole production line.

For industry 4.0 demands, the E30 is best prepared. Standardwise, a monitoring of the processing data is possible also from an external working place by network connection. On option, an OPC-UA server for the total control and monitoring of the machine can be installed additionally.

Furthermore, this machine is able to perform cryogenic deburring without need of blasting media (drum-only deflashing), suitable for special applications only.

With this machine, your treatment capacity on cryogenic finishing is at best cost-performance ratio!

brief overview

  • type of loading: manually
  • blasting media required: on polycarbonate basis usually   

  • fast processing times (generally 5 – 10 minutes) at max. 20 l (5,28 US gal.) loading capacity (treatment volume and time depend on geometry, dimension, material compound and flash condition of the moulded part)
  • clear & comfortable  21,5″ touchscreen operation, USB and optional barcode scanner
  • recipes-memory & easy loading of your own processing parameters

  • individual user management: e.g. operator limitations, password query etc, on option user log-in via
    barcode scanner (e.g. ID card)  possible

  • logging, documentation & traceability of all machine events and users (data export with USB or LAN possible, Microsoft Excel compatible data)

  • network connection (fast technical support by internet connection possible, additional monitoring of the machine’s processing data from external place possible, on option: OPC-UA server for external control and monitoring of the machine>> industry 4.0)

  • adjustment of the blasting media feedback quantity to the shot wheel possible

  • exchangement of blasting media during operation possible, no need to open the machine additionally during the aspiration procedure (e.g. multiple-shift operation)
  • alternatively machine available with quick-exchangeable basket system, this basket is compatible to our high-pressure washing & drying machine W30
  • individual drum or basket perforation available by choice
  • all motors & gears are located outside the freezing area >> no blockades by over-cooling
  • on option vibrating seperation-sieve > fast change of screen-deck perforation possible
  • exhaust air system with cyclone
  • on option drum-only deflashing without need of blasting media possible
  • clever designed construction >> easy handling >> unsusceptible operation >> good accessibility to machine components >> low wear-out level >> long durability
  • working level (peak): < 80 dB(A)