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cryogenic media-blasting deflashing machine

High performance big-sized cryogenic machine for the deburring of elastomers, plastomers, duromers, zinc die-casts and other thermally embrittling substances with article dimensions 3 mm to 500 mm (0,12″ to 19,68″).

This computer-controlled machine offers high-efficiency deflashing of elastomers, thermoplastics, duroplastics and zinc die-cast as well as other thermic embrittling materials.

The E 90 is, like any of our machines, designed for high performance at low consumption of nitrogen, blasting media and electric energy. The comfortable operator features on newest level leave no wish unfulfilled: touchscreen operation, USB/SSD hard disk, network connection (support via internet), recipes memory, user management, logging/documentation/traceability and optional barcode scanner.

At any time, this machine is ready for upgrade to automated application, from the automatic loading & deloading of the machine up to a complete full automated feeding & forwarding system.

For industry 4.0 demands, the E90 is best prepared. Standardwise, a monitoring of the processing data is possible also from an external working place by network connection. On option, an OPC-UA server for the total control and monitoring of the machine can be installed additionally.

Furthermore, this machine is able to perform cryogenic deburring without need of blasting media (drum-only deflashing), suitable for special applications only.

The E90 offers you maximum economic efficiency at treatment of big batch volumes at high throughput!

brief overview

  • type of loading: manually – upgradeable for automatic operation

  • blasting media needed on polycarbonate basis usually  as well as liquide nitrogen 

  • fast processing times (generally 5 – 10 minutes) at max. 60 l (15,85 US gal.) loading capacity (treatment volume and time depend on geometry, dimension, material compound and flash condition of the moulded part)

  • clear & comfortable 21,5″ touchscreen operation, USB and optional barcode scanner
  • recipes-memory & easy loading of your own processing parameters
  • individual user management: e.g. operator limitations, password query etc, on option user log-in via
    barcode scanner (e.g. ID card) possible

  • logging, documentation & traceability of all machine events and users (data export with USB or LAN possible, Microsoft Excel compatible data)

  • network connection (fast technical support by internet connection possible, additional monitoring of the machine’s processing data from external place possible, on option: OPC-UA server for external control and monitoring of the machine >> industry 4.0)

  • monitoring of the optimal blasting media flow
  • adjustable feedback quantitiy of blasting media to the shot wheel (part of the individual molded article treatment recipe as well)

  • exchangement of blasting media during operation possible, no need to open the machine additionally during the aspiration procedure (e.g. multiple-shift operation)
  • machine with exchangeable filter system (quick “plug & play” exchange of the filter unit for the cleaning procedure possible without disturbing the production flow)

  • individual drum perforation available by choice
  • all motors & gears are located outside the freezing area (except horizontal screw drive which is special low temperature application modified) >> no blockades caused by over-cooling

  • on option vibrating seperation-sieve > fast exchange of screen-deck perforation possible
  • adjustable intensity of the vibrating separation-sieve (part of the individual molded article treatment recipe as well)

  • on option drum-only deflashing without need of blasting media possible

  • on option with exhaust air dome system
  • clever designed construction >> easy handling >> unsusceptible operation >> good accessibility to machine components >> low wear-out level >> long durability

  • working level (peak): < 80 dB(A)