Antistatic agent for cryogenic deflashing machines

In the cryogenic deflashing application, the phenomenon of static charging during the treatment process (e.g. by reason of blasting media of low quality, new loaded media and first machine cylces of the day or treating silicone parts in general) can occur. This leads to adhesion of blasting media grains and flour on the treated batch articles and also to accumulation of blasting media in the treatment drum. During the unloading process, the sticking blasting media will be deloaded therefore, too, and the batch has to be reworked by a washing or a vibrating screening application to achieve normal condition.

For the solution of this problem, we recommend Emsodur Anti-Stat, which prevents possible static charging of blasting media inside the cryogenic deflashing machine and avoids the adhesion of blasting grains and flour on the treated batch articles. Moreover, the lifetime of blasting media can be increased due to the achieved more efficient blasting.

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■ Emsodur Anti-Stat:

reducing static charging of
blasting media by constant injection
during the blasting process

enables an almost flour-free
blasting amp; avoids sticking of grain and flour residues
on the treated batch arrticles

Emsodur Granulat für Tiefkalt-Entgratung Berg EEP Maschinen