blasting-media recovery machine

Complete suction & screening plant for the drying and processing of blasting-media which is used in deflashing machines – for the re-use.

In the cryogenic blasting process, an enrichment of rubber and plastic waste powder takes place due to fine abrasion during the treatment procedure. Thus the performance and processing time of the blasting-media will deteriorate and decrease its jet-energy. In our cryognic deflashing machines, the blasting-media is primary screened by the treatment drum perforation, however, after a long operating time the amount of rubber and plastic waste powder increases. In order to guarantee a constant, statistically secure and economic processing, this powder has to be removed periodically from the blasting-media.

Our automatically working blasting-media recovery machine consists of a suction & drying system and a vibrating-screen unit. The used blasting-media has to be aspirated manually from the deflashing machine. The drying of the polluted wet and cold media takes place in the suction tank and the cleaning takes place by screening with final separation into waste material, waste blasting media and re-usable media.

On option, this machine is also available as multi-decker-screening version (e.g. for grain screening to 1,0 mm, 0,75 mm & 0,5 mm grain size). Thanks to its low self-weight, the machine can be used mobile. The blasting-media recovery machine is suitable for all 3rd party cryogenic deflashing machines, too.

Reducing costs for blasting-media – by reutilisation!

brief overview

  • re-use of worked up blasting-media (>>suctioning >> drying >> cleaning >> separating)

  • cutting costs by reuse of already used media and therefore reducing the consumption of new blasting-media

  • processing volumen 50 – 150 l (on option bigger volumes possible)

  • exchangeable screen decks for flexible perforation choice

  • on option machine available in multi-decker-screening version

  • optimal deflashing results by constant jet pattern due to consistent blasting media mixture (mixing ratio old and new granulate)

  • mobile use possible thanks to low self-weight

  • suitabel also for all 3rd party cryogenic deflashing machine brands

  • comfortable touch panel operation for all parameters