cryogenic deflashing machines

Benefit from more than 40 years of experience in cryogenic deflashing

Model E30 – cryogenic deflashing size M

Model E40 – cryogenic deflashing size L

Model E90 – cryogenic deflashing size XL

Fair novelty model E90₂ – cryogenic deflashing size XL

Model Mini-Flash – cryogenic deflashing size XXS

articles suitable for the cryogenic removing of burrs

  • elastomers

  • duromers

  • plastomers

  • zinc die-cast

  • elastomer-metal-bonds

  • other thermally embrittling materials

The process of cryogenic deflashing

For the freezing procedure of the batch, ultra-low temperature tiny drops of liquid nitrogen are injected to the loaded parts. During the nitrogen’s fast physical state conversion from liquid to gas, the extracted energy causes shock-freezing of the burrs which reach the embrittled condition immediately. The respective moulded parts still remain rest-elastic, therefore no damages from coolness tension can take place. The shock-frozen burr – not solid and elastic as the moulded part itself – can now be removed with high efficiency by the jet energy of blasing media.