Particle-filter for liquid nitrogen supply line

Based on our long term experience in the cryogenic application, we know well about the problem of metal-particle contamination which come from the nitrogen supplying pipe or even the nitrogen tank and cause difficult to identify errors at the cryogenic system (like nitrogen valve blockades, destroying moldings, negativ impact on performance of machine).

metal particle contamination from nitrogen supplying pipe

Photo example:

Metal particle accumulation coming from the liquid nitrogen supplying line taken from a N2-regulating valve, which has caused a machine flooding with liquid nitrogen because of particle blockade of the valve. After several times of occurrences of this kind, the quality of the valve was heavily criticised first – unjustly as it tourned out!

As a preventive measure for this kind of problems, our practice-proven liquid nitrogen filter provides an optimal solution. This filter can be retrofitted easily to any of our older cryogenic systems and also to cryogenic deflashing machines of other brands as well.

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