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Fair novelty at the DKT Nuremberg Germany 27th – 30th June ’22
hall 8 – booth 300

The new standard in cryogenic deflashing! ultra-low nitrogen consumption efficient – for a save future

Cryogenic high-performance system for the efficient deburring of elastomers, plastomers, duromers, zinc die-cast and other thermally embrittling materials

Visit us at booth 300 – hall 8!

Future-oriented features:

  • Ultra-economical nitrogen consumption thanks to heavy interior insulation

  • now even more faster cool-down times up to -150°C (-238°F) thanks to modified inside-architecture

  • Automated continuous exchange of blasting media including surveillance to ensure constant jet-pattern 24/7

  • Decoupled interior space and decoupled vibration feet

  • Secondary noozle to avoid penetration of warm ambient air while loading door is open

  • Upgradeable for automatic application

  • Additional liquid nitrogen surveillance: meet now even more security in the cryo-process

  • Liquid nitrogen consumption measurement: per cycle, individual & total

  • Liquid nitrogen particle filter: stop troublemaking contamination coming from the supply pipe or nitrogen tank

  • Blasting-media circulation with internal drum screening

  • Blasting-media aspiration without need to open any door: no intrusion of warm ambience air

  • Recipe management: fast loading of your article treatment parameters – via barcode possible, too

  • Additional monitoring of complete process data from external working place – with OPC-UA possible, too

  • Cryogenic abrasive deburring (tumbling) without need of blasting-media possible additionally

  • Self-regulating feedback screw for the optimal blasting-media flow

  • Drums available with various drum perforations and drum mixing-finger

  • Deloading vibrating sieve with exchangeable screen topdecks and different types of screen perforations available

  • Deloading vibrating sieve with adjustable vibrating intensity (part of the article recipe as well)

  • Treatment of moulded articles up to 500 mm (19,68 inches)

  • Monitoring display of shot-wheel drive working in the blasting process

  • Machine operator limitations with user log-in freely configurable (admin/user)

  • Logging, documentation & traceability of all machine happenings and users

  • Treatment temperature up to -150°C (-238 °F) and shot wheel speed up to 9.000 rpm

  • Optionally with exhaust air dome system to enhance non-optimal infrastructure at place of installation

  • Convenient 21,5″ Full HD touchscreen operation, Intel® Core i5 processor, SSD, USB & LAN

  • All motors & gears outside the freezing area, no risk of freezing blockades caused by overcooling

Reliable consistent machine performance guaranteed!
low nitrogen consumption – fast treatment times – maximum economy

Ready for Industrie 4.0 – Cryogenic deflashing on the next Level!

Extensive possibilities – your QM will get excited!

21,5″ Full HD touchscreen operation for optimal work-flow, with extensive possibilities like recipe management (via barcode, too), user restictions and password request, standby mode, N2 eco-blasting or QM conpliant selectable, liquid nitrogen consumption display, logging, documentation, traceability of all happenings and users (CSV-data), signaling system, service manual mode and much more 

Product diversity needs flexibility in the deburring process

In the cryogenic process, we face various needs with flexible solutions:

various vibrating sieve topdeck screens available

various types of vibrating sieve chutes available

various types of mixing fingers available